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By Chander, Jagdish; Kumar, Anil

ISBN-10: 128280099X

ISBN-13: 9781282800991

ISBN-10: 1441651462

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ISBN-10: 818247227X

ISBN-13: 9788182472273

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Explain with an example. Comment on the statement 'every ore is a mineral but every mineral is not a ore'. Explain the difference between leaching and levigation. What is electrolytic reduction? Explain with an example. Describe one method used for the refining of metals. What are the purposes of alloy making? Comment. Long Answer Type Questions 1. Describe, briefly the various methods employed for the concentration of an ore. 2. Differentiate between i) mineral and ore ii) calcination and roasting iii) gangue and flux 3.

The approximate composition of Mg and Al is Al = 70-90% Mg = 30-10% 5) Properties - 1. It is strong, tough and lighter than AI. 6) 7) 2. Its mechanical properties are similar to brass Uses - It is used for making cheap balances, airplane parts and scientific instruments. 5-1% and traces of sulphur and carbon Properties - 1. It is bright, strong and tough. 2. It is very much corrosion resistance. It can be easily cleaned. 3. 4. Its tensile strength is around 5,500 kg/ cm2 • Uses - 1. It is used for making turbine blades, screws, nails etc.

45. 46. 47. 48. (a) Roasting (b) Smelting (c) Dressing (d) Calcinations In which of the following minerals aluminum is not present? (a) Cryolite (b) Mica (c) Feldspar (d) Fluorspar In the purification of aluminum by Hoope's process, impurities of silicon and copper are added to molten alumina in order to (a) make the metal conducting (b) lower the melting point of the melt (c) smooth deposit of aluminum (d) make the metal heavier Malachite is an ore of (a) Iron (c) Steel (b) Cast iron (d) None of these In order furnace, Iron oxide is reduced to iron by (a) Wrought iron (b) Cast (c) Steel (d) None of these In blast-furnace, iron oxide is reduced to iron by (a) Carbon (b) Lime stone (c) CO 2 (d) CO Which of the following alloys contain Cu and Zn?

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