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In fact, if your editor is smart enough, you can create the two lines with the braces rst and then insert the appropriate material within them with automatic indenting. 3 In section 2 we changed fonts the following method: roman type, it switched to italic type, the same result using the idea of grouping. 32 I started with rm and returned to roman type. Get TEXbook: 19 21 Section 5 No math anxiety here! TEX is at its best when typesetting mathematics. The conventions for doing this are many and complex, and the ability of TEX to take them into account makes the production of high quality, attractive mathematical output possible.

To get several characters as a subscript or superscript, they are grouped together within braces. Hence we can use $x^ 21 $ to get x21 and $x 21 $ to get x21 . Notice that the superscripts and subscripts are automatically typeset in a smaller type size. The situation is only slightly more complicated for a second layer of subscripts or superscripts. You can not use $x 2 3$ since this could have two possible interpretations, namely, $x 2 3 $ or $ x 2 3$; this gives two di erent results: x23 and x2 3 , the rst of which is the usual mathematical subscript notation.

The control word vskip can be used to insert extra vertical space between paragraphs. If vskip 1 in or vskip 20 pt appears between two paragraphs, then the extra space is inserted. There are a couple of peculiarities of vskip that seem quite strange at rst. If you have vskip 3 in and the skip starts two inches from the bottom of the page, the rest of the page is skipped, but the extra one inch is not skipped at the top of the next page. In other words, vskip will not insert space across page boundaries.

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