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4 this volume). In Danish, movement to 1° (Agr°) is even more restricted, but in a different way: No verbs ever actually occur in 1° (Agr° or T°), but all verbs on the other hand may move through 1° (Agr° and T°) on their way to C°. This means that the evidence from English as discussed earlier may be replicated for Danish, but only in a sentence where the verb has moved on to C° (as in all main clauses; see chapter 3):13 12. The movements in (41) would have the following form if translated into a model where I" is split up into Agr° and T°, see Pollock (1989), Belletti (1990), and Chomsky (1991): 13.

Villa jeg have Isest flere bsger ... , C°, we can explain why the complementiser and the finite verb cannot both precede the subject: There is simply not room for more than one element. (18) a. Ge. *Wenn hatte ich mehr Zeit gehabt, b. Da. *Hvis havde jeg haft mere tid, ... c. En. *If had I had more time, ... (19) a. Ge. * Hatte wenn ich mehr Zeit gehabt, ... b. Da. * Havde tais. jeg haft mere tid, . . c. En. »Had if I had more time, ... The same point can be illustrated by means of embedded clauses of the as iftype.

Following Rizzi (1990b, 199Ib), one can distinguish between "residual V2", as in English (and in French), and "general V2", as in the rest of the Germanic languages. 1, English does not have V2 in topicalisations in general, but V2 does exist in English in questions and in constructions with topicalised negative elements (the underlined verbs below occur in C°): (37) a. b. c. d. En. *What En. What haY£ Da. Hvad iiaji Ge. Was haben the children have seen ? the children seen ? b0rnene set ? die Kinder gesehen?

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