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3,1996: and Victoria Weston, Japanese Painting and NotionalIdentity: Okakuro Tenshin and his Circle (Ann Arbor: University of MichiganPress, 2003). 19. B. Havell's initiative, his "KrishnaLeela" paintings were exhibited at the School of Art exhibition of 1900, and his subsequent 'Mughal series' (largely inspired by his study of the Mughal miniatures that Havell had acquired for the Government Art Gallery) were sent to - Curzon's Delhi Durbar exhibition of 1902. "The Passing of Shah Jahan" was awarded a silver medal here, to be followed by a gold medal at theCongresslndustrial Exhibition of 1903.

It, July 1922. 30. Archer7sessay on Rabindranath Tagore, "Art andthe Unconscious"in IndiaandModernArt. 31. R. Subramanyan, No. XD(, 1999, pp. 176. The tour de force of Abanindranath's work, the discussion of these "Arabian Nights" paintings also form the most substantive part and the high point of the author's art historical analysis in his new volume, PaintingsofAbonindranath Tagore. 32. , p. 155-157. 33. These were first published as an anthology by Calcutta University in 1941, followed by an expanded reprint edition by Rupa &Co.

TitleDescription Shahajadpur Landscape Series Bengal Landscape, Shahajadpur Bengal Landscape, Shahajadpur Medium water-colour The Boat water-colour water-colour "The Grave of Makdum Saheb" water-colour Miscellaneous "Ba~ragi"(Caricature) "Vasantasena" Jesus Chr~st water-colour and ink water-colour on board water-colour on cloth "Arabian Nights" Series "The Greek King And the Physician" "Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp" "Sindbad, the Sailor" "Looking into the Harem" "The Four Fishes" "The Merchant Who Understood Animal Language'' "The Four Travellers" "The Hunchback of Fishbone" water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour "The Story of the Bronze Horse" "Princess Kamar-UI-Jaman" "Wazir and Sahajadi" water-colour water-colour "Haroun al Rashid And the Camel Man Telling the Story" water-colour "Fisherman And the Genie" "Alibaba And the Forty Thieves" water-colour water-colour "Shahajada Being Led into the Bridal Chamber" "The Finding of the Ninth Doll" water-colour water-colour "The Three Sisters" "Story of the Three Sisters" "Princess of China" "Abu Hossain, Caliph For a Night" "Marriage of Nuruddin" "The First Old Man's Tale" "The Merchants And the Genie" "Lady of the Rings" "Story of the Cock And the Merchant" "Merchant And the Genie" "In the Harem" water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour Untitled water-colour "The Crystal Coffin" water-colour "Story of Sharnsul-Nahar" water-colour Date Size (L x B) crn Title/Description Medium "Krishna-Mangal" Series "Kaliya Daman" water-colour with charcoal "Keshi Badh" water-colour with charcoal "Slaying the Elephant Demon" water-colour with charcoal "Kagasur Badh" water-colour with charcoal "Putuna Badh" water-colour with charcoal "Balaramer Mahishasur Badh" water-colour with charcoal "Kubjake Shoja Kora" water-colour with charcoal "Krishner Mastuto Bhai" water-colour with charcoal "Shakat-Bhandan" water-colour w ~ t hcharcoal "Ramkrishner Namkaron" water-colour "Mask" Series Self-portrait water-colour RabindranathTagore water-colour "Durmukh" water-colour "Alokendranath as Kumarsena" water-colour "Birendranathas Debdutta" water-colour "Nishikanta as Moghul" water-colour Shobhanlal Ganguly water-colour "Rabindranath as Vikram" water-colour Sisir Kumar Bhaduri water-colour Mukul Chandra Dey water-colour w ~ t hcharcoal Nitai Binode Goswami water-colour with charcoal Nritendranath GangulyINishikanta BratindranathTagore waterwzolour water-colour with charcoal Mask water-colour Mask water-colour Mask water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-colour water-coiour Mask water-colour Date Size (L x 6) cm TitleDercription Medium Size (L x B) cm Date 11.

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