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By Ron Ranson

ISBN-10: 8481629561

ISBN-13: 9788481629569

A lavishly illustrated state-of-art consultant to water color portray concepts. Smattering in Spanish isn't really necessary to have fun with and study from this wonder.

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Since, at a primary level, both words and plastic forms are sign systems, the difference of their decoding, due to the symbolic connotations of words, is not one of kind, but of degree. Meaning, in ekphrastic poetry, is conveyed by symbols, metaphors and by visual effects such as line-length, stanzaic form, and/or poetic rhythm which reflect the painting’s reality in the poetic text through the linguistic media. Since it draws its inspiration from painting, ekphrastic poetry is a comment on the nature of each medium.

In Critique of Pure Reason II, Kant contended that Time is the formal a priori condition of all appearances whatsoever. Space, as the pure form of all outer intuition, is so far limited; it serves as the a priori condition only of outer appearances. 19 According to Kant, Time defines all appearances, whether they be tangible or intangible, whereas space, which is limited, defines only outer appearances. Kant thought that since our representations, which are based on our perceptions, are identifiable, as determinations of our minds, and since our inner state formally depends on our intuition which develops, changes, and evolves with time; then, time is a prerequisite of all apperances.

The literal sense of the concrete images contained in metaphors, similes, and in symbols transfer the painting’s enargeia into the poetic text. In ekphrastic poems, the painting’s verisimilitude is acknowledged by the poet’s idiosyncratic choice of images and by his personal projections. Following Horace’s “ut pictura poesis” tradition, ekphrastic poetry, through imagery, combines verbal and visual elements in its search for a meaning whose knowledge is revealed through reference to a work of visual art.

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Acuarela — Grandes obras: Escuela de pintura by Ron Ranson

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