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Jean Rabe's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms: Inside Ravens PDF

By Jean Rabe

ISBN-10: 1560760486

ISBN-13: 9781560760481

Proceed your journey of the Ravens Bluff crusade environment, the brightest spot at the Dragon achieve. notice extra new companies, personalities, and officers.

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Meanwhile, the announcer continues: “Many of you know that the beholder possesses a powerful anti-magic ray which emanates from its central eye, but rest assured that the eye has been disabled and cannot be opened. Some of the still-dangerous powers that Doagar the Magnificent must avoid include the gray ray which would turn him to stone; the red which would seriously wound him; and the dreaded purple ray which could disintegrate him or his possessions. ” Doagar quickly opens the chest and backs up.

This trait contributes to his appearance, as he is loathe to spend money on new outfits or to have the old ones repaired. Savilon has given up asking Simon to improve his appearance and has come to believe the halfling’s attire makes him look more like a common circus goer. Simon acts as both business manager and bookkeeper for Glitz’s And Klax’s Potions And Philters, handling the contacts for the thousands of single-quaff vials that the business uses. Further, he tries to buy the best potion ingredients for the lowest possible prices from adventuring parties.

The beholder then turns toward the audience, and its central eye begins to open. Turning toward Remdar the Wondrous, it emits a pale blue ray from the central eye, and the protective shield goes down (dispeled by Remdar). The announcer tells the audience to not panic. Before shock can turn to panic, the beholder rushes to a stunned Remdar, bites at the frantically gesturing wizard, and shoots him with a purple ray, causing him to disappear (Remdar casts invisibility and quietly leaves the ring).

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms: Inside Ravens Bluff, The Living City, (LC2) 2nd Edition by Jean Rabe

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