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By H.E. Landsberg (Ed.)

ISBN-10: 0120188023

ISBN-13: 9780120188024

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Phys. 1, 125-140. 22. Browne, I. C. (1952). Precipitation streaks as a cause of radar upper bands. Quart. J . Roy. Meteorol. Soc. 78, 59LL595. 23. Lhermitte, R. (1952). Les “bandes supBrieures” dans la structure vertical des Bchos de pluie. Compt. rend. acad sci. 236, 1414-1416. 24. Marshall, J. S. (1953). Precipitation trajectories and patterns. J . Meteorol. 10, 25-29. 25. Langleben, M. P. (1954). The terminal velocity of snow aggregates. Quart. J. Roy. Meteorol. 80, 171-181. 26. Gunn, K. L. , Langleben, M.

S. MARSHALL, WALTER HITSCHFELD AND K. L. 8. GIUNN densities by radar far enough advanced to indicate with certainty what fraction of clouds may be observed. The fluctuating nature of the weather echo appreciably slows down quantitative observations as it necessitates the averaging of many independent signals from one region. At the same time there is some hope that measurements of the rate of the fluctuations can be made to serve in studies of atmospheric turbulence. Although the study of precipitation pattern by radar has made enormous strides without drawing heavily on the detailed theory of the radar echo, quantitative observations of pattern which make full use of this theory may be expected to contribute increasingly, and possibly decisively, to our understanding of the mechanism of precipitation.

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