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Joos, Martin. 1964. The English Verb: Form and meanings. Madison & Milwau­ kee: Univ. of Wisconsin Press. Kratzer, Angelika. 1976. "Was 'können' und 'müssen' bedeuten können müssen". 1-28. Laetz, Hans Gottlieb. 1969. Analysis of the Syntactical and Semantic Usages of müssen in Contemporary German. D. dissertation, Stanford Univ. Leech, Geoffrey N. 1971. Meaning and the English Verb. London: Longman. Lyons, John. 1977. Semantics. Vol. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Maxwell, Harry J. 1964.

However, the explanation will be somewhat indirect, since the notion of control will be used to explain the correlation between non-stative predicates and deontic modals rather than the correlation between stative predicates and epistemic modals. 2 Control Recall that in addition to being durative, stative verbs refer to a state or condition over which the subject has no control (Fullerton 1977:74). In their discussion of the meanings of modal verbs, Quirk et al. (1985:219-221) make use of the notion of control.

Attested; Coates 1983:44) (b) They may be reading something by Shakespeare. (Attested; Coates 1983:137) Second, in both German and English, modals can receive an epistemic reading with non-statives if a habitual action is described. Although the sentences in (11) can be understood deontically (he is obliged to travel by train), they also have a habitual and therefore epistemic reading (it is surely the case that he travels by train). (11) (a) Er muß mit dem Zug fahren. (b) He must travel by train.

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Aircraft Manual - Do-217 K-1 Bedienungsvorschrift Fl

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