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By Ernst Cassirer

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One of the 20 th century’s maximum philosophers offers the result of his lifetime examine of man’s cultural achievements.  An Essay on Man is an unique synthesis of latest wisdom, a special interpretation of the highbrow concern of our time, and a super vindication of man’s skill to unravel human difficulties by way of the brave use of his mind.  


What the thinkers of the prior have considered the human race, what may be acknowledged of its artwork, language, and capacities for stable and evil within the gentle of contemporary wisdom are mentioned by way of a good thinker who had a profound event of the earlier and of his personal time.


“Ernst Cassirer…had a protracted status foreign popularity in philosophy…. This suggestive quantity now makes to be had the substance of his aspect of view.”  --Irwin Edman, New York usher in Tribune


“The top and such a lot mature expression of his thought.”—Journal of Philosophy

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One might say that we should hold philosophers to stricter requirements than those holding for your mere ordinary language speaker. But the demand that the philosopher provide non-circular top-down analyses of the words he or she uses is suspect indeed. It has been said that there never has been a successful analysis in philosophy! Not that we should not seek to understand the terms we use; it is a question of what such understanding will look like. It might also be objected that “languagegame” is vague, and so it is, like most of the terms we use; nonetheless, vague words can have fruitful employment.

It is only that the mentalistic picture keeps intruding. The appeal to the inner as grounding or providing a full-blown “referential” language must be rejected. 21 4 Zoe Learns to Talk What we are supplying are really remarks on the natural history of human beings; we are not contributing curiosities however, but observations which no one has doubted, but which have escaped remark only because they are always before our eyes. Wittgenstein The answer to the question of how language came to be will emerge from a clear knowledge of what it is.

And now from gesture to speech: “For one could always say: ‘One fine day the child starts using [ ] words’ ”19 The proto-behavior pattern of requesting in chimpanzees and humans is similar, obviously. But already during its second year the child leaves the wild chimpanzee behind forever, at least as far as this particular language-game is concerned. It succeeds here in passing from a gesture language-game to a simple language-game. In doing so, it goes on to employ a word from a common vocabulary.

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